Aeon Labs Multi Sensor 6 - Do I upgrade firmware?

(Gene Clark) #1

So I’ve seen the articles on the Aeotec website and posts here in the community, but I’m still unclear if I need to upgrade the firmware or not. In the app it says I’m running 1.07 so does that mean I’m able to upgrade to version 1.08 or no?


Reading Aeon website you should be able to as long as you have a model number ZW100
Looks like it mainly addresses a bug in the battery drain from frequent reporting
but if you use a usb to power it your reporting will be less often (every 240 seconds vs up to every second)
so basically if you use usb power do not upgrade.
Weird how your display shows the firmware version mine does not I had to look at ide to see it (still version 1.07)
perhaps because I use usb power it doesn’t display the same.

Some changes and bugs

Battery Power
Parameter 111-113 report interval bug

  • If sensors are reporting around 4 minutes, it is possible that the sensor may send the signals 4 times in a row causing the battery to be used rapidly (users who have done this have seen battery drain within 2 weeks). (bug)
  • Can be set to a minimum 240 seconds without the need to set the wakeup interval for faster reports (but is receptive to the bug above at reports <10 minute intervals)

USB Power

  • Can no longer report sensors at a rate of 1 second, the minimum report is 240 seconds.

New Configuration Setting for LED

  • Parameter 81 [1 byte]
  • Value = 0 (enable LED when motion/vibration triggered)
  • Value = 1 (disable LED when motion/vibration triggered)


  • Parameter 41 [2 byte] will not longer report back as a 3 byte value causing the report back value to show incorrectly under the gateway interface.


@GRClark + @NoWon

Since you are asking this question, I guess ST doesn’t auto update the firmware? When i first got mine a year ago I looked into it, but only found info that my system might auto update, or else I would need to buy a stick to update. I never did find anything conclusive, but then I didn’t look that hard.

So just curious if either of you knew definitively.



The ST hub will auto update as it is connected directly to the net but the Aeon sensor (and most devices) will not auto update firmware.
You can remotely change device handlers though through ide but it is not automatic.

(Gene Clark) #5

Mine shows the firmware because I installed the custom device handler. Here’s a link:


And does changing the Device Handler update the firmware? Or were you referring to something else.


(Pizzinini) #7

SmartThings does not support OTA z-wave firmware updates at this time (selected ZigBee devices only).

Changing the device handler does not update the firmware

You will have to follow the process described on the aeotec web site using a z-wave stick. For older sensors the upgrade could also be done by directly connecting the sensor to a computer via USB but I don’t know if that still works.


Perfect. Exactly the confirmation I needed. Thanks a bunch! :slight_smile: