Do the SmartThings Smartplugs ever get updates?

Question as title please. Was just checking if I move them to another system they won’t be missing out on vital firmware updates.

It depends upon what is a “vital firmware update”?

I’ve got an older Aeon MultiSensor 6 running the original firmware it came with (1.06). My newer one runs 1.08. They’ve released a bunch of updates and 1.14 is current. But I can’t apply those, as doing so requires Aeon’s $70 Z-wave controller in order to apply the update. But both sensors continue to work just fine. Some say updating the firmware is necessary, but why?

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which ST smartplug model are you referring to?

The latest. Can’t remember the exact name but they are fairly recent purchases of the latest model. UK

The only smart outlets that I ever recall needing firmware updates are:

  1. Peanut Plug - newer firmware enabled power monitoring to work with non-Peanut hubs
  2. Low Iris 3210-L outlets, made by Centralite. These outlets also include a Z-Wave Plus repeater. Without the firmware update, the older firmware version would result in poor Z-Wave repeater functionality.

Those are the ones that I know of. I am sure there are others as well. But in both cases above, the primary function of the Zigbee outlet, that is the ability to turn things on and off, still functioned fine.

You can always keep your ST hub around and use it to check for firmware updates if desired. I have a Sengled hub I keep around for just this purpose, although I have never pulled it out if its box. If the devices are working, I see no need to upgrade their firmware. Obviously if a major security issue was found, I would see that as a another valid reason to consider upgrading firmware.