Aeon labs dsb09104 3-pack amazon $45 - home energy monitor 1st Gen

Works with Smartthings according to this thread: Aeon Labs Home Energy Meter

(This was on sale for $10 each earlier and a 3 pack was $49 on Amazon according to a previous deal thread, so not the best price seen but still a bit better deal than the previously listed amazon one, and may be worth it if you’ve been looking for one.)


So glad this now comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth.


I was holding off until now, I’m all in. Not having a microfiber cleaning cloth to clean my plastic energy meter regularly was a complete show stopper for me, now I can relax knowing that not only will my energy usage be measured, but it will be clean as well.

Maybe this is what they’re referring to as “clean energy”?


@Benji has jokes! :smiley:

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Yeah, not sure what the microfiber cleaning cloth craze is about, but I’ve received free ones randomly bundled with other purchases lately. Some company massively overproduced and now they’re just giving them away?!

Wait a minute! Wait ONE DANG MINUTE!!! This comes with a MICRO CLEANING CLOTH??? Holy Smoke! I am all in!!!

Best Deal Ever!

Mine just arrived! Bright yellow and oh so soft. I’ll be sure to store my in the included protective wrapper to insure it retains its for years to come.

Wait, you actually wanted yours? I was banking on people wanting to sell/trade. :frowning: now I will have to purchase more of my own.

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I have Original vintage micro cleaning cloths NIP not this new inferior stuff. I’ll let them go for the right price. :stuck_out_tongue:

Searching for the perfect frame. Not sure whether to go for the double or triple matting.

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Has anybody gotten this 3pk from beach camera ? Do they come with the 120 A/C power supply ? No mention in the listing and pic only shows HEMs & the dust cloth. Figured installing EVSA for daughter’s new Fusion Energi I want to track exactly how much charging car is costing, good excuse to buy a few more of these.

I bought the 2pk from them and yes - it came with 2 full sets. Only one cleaning cloth though… :cry:

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