Aeon Labs Home Energy Meter 5.00

Aeon Labs Home Energy Meter - DSB09104 - OPEN BOX Buydig.
5.00 free shipping.

Dibs . Still available?

Yep just ordered 3.

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Ugh, I just bought one of the non-open box ones this morning at regular price :frowning:

Too slow, not that I don’t still have 2 from the last sale I haven’t decided where to put yet

SCAM!!! they did receive order and it was in process, but now it’s cancelled…
Hope will be banned from this community for fake deals and collecting info

I should receive mine Monday.

Sorry to inform you @IGI , but Buydig is not a scammer or collecting data. It’s unfortunate that they ran out of the product before they fulfilled your order, but that doesn’t mean they are not a reputable company.
I’ve had probably a dozen orders cancelled by Lowe’s, does that mean that it is a scam ? When things go on sale 90% off retail price they tend to sell out quickly.

it was in stock when i ordered. the order was received and paid.
it was “too good to be true” deal…
btw. they also operates as beach camera.

And I agree about Lowes, they extremely bad online and customer service wise.
for past 4 month i spent fortune for renovating house and less than 1K went to them in a beginning of my project.
fortunately, it is enough reputable sellers providing great buying experience.

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