Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Range Extender/Repeater

It seems to pair just find. It shows up as Z Wave device and, but it always shows as off and has a slide bar almost like a dimmer switch.

I have an external garage and wanted to put this in the house close to the garage to be able to extend the range into the garage.

Am I missing something here? Is it always on and just hasn’t paired correctly and using a default zwave control.
What is the slide bar for?
I wish there was more info on some of these products.

It has paired correctly as my IRIS Power Plug which has a Z-Wave range extender shows up as a Z-Wave device and looks the same as yours. There isn’t a device type for a Z-Wave range extender, so it defaults as a Z-Wave device. The dimmer means nothing I know if I shut the switch it says off, but I really don’t think it does anything so I leave it on.

Old topic here, but same issue stumped me too and I found the mfr notes on the behavior. In short, there is no on/ off for this device. If it’s plugged in, it’s on. If solid red light, it’s paired.

More here: