Foxx Range Extender Z-Wave

Hi all,

has anyone tried to use a Foxx Range Extender for Z-Wave? you can get them at Amazon or Maplin for about £15.

Device manager see’s them as a Z-Wave Device but after a few hours it is no longer seen on the network.

Tried a few device types and show dervice manager reports:

Data manufacturer: AEON Labs
MSR: 0086-0004-0025

Just curious if anyone has had any luck getting these to work with SmartThings Hub and range extend? or get any data from the range extending?

Regards Gareth

That’s the rebranded aeotec extender.

Extenders were useful in the older versions of the wave, but in the last two versions pretty much every device is already transmitting at maximum power so just about any any mains powered device will act as a repeater, which is all the single purpose extenders do. And you’ll get more value out of a dual purpose device like a light switch, pocket socket, in Wall relay, or plug in sensor.

If you do buy the single purpose extender, it should pair as a switch and after that it will just repeat messages. You won’t be able to do anything with it from the network. You won’t get any data from it. It’s just a repeater. And if it’s one of the older Z wave classic models, it will extend your mesh less than any mainspowered Z wave plus Device.

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Thanks JDR was curious if there was a better TYPE to select from the drop down in the online device setup. As I needed a powered repeater between two battery devices.

Was also interested in the On/Off mode, when I first paired it, it seemed to have a on/off mode which I could switch off but not back on.

I’m just saying these days most people would just get a pocket socket instead of the single purpose repeater. It won’t cost you much more and you’ll get a lot more use out of it. :sunglasses:

But if you happen to have the repeater and want to use it, you can just use a generic zwave switch device type with it. It doesn’t do anything anyway.

If you want a fancier DTH that won’t look like a switch, @jhamstead has a good one that clears out a lot of the clutter and alerts you if it stops working. It should work fine with any single purpose extender.

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Thanks for the advice, much appreciated.

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I have a couple of them and use them to reach my shed at the bottom of my garden.
They certainly do work for my Foxx door sensor on the shed door.
However, I bought them because they were cheap and would probably buy the foxx project plugin sockets if I were doing it again.
At Maplins they are only £5 more but you have the socket as well as a repeater

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Range extender Z-Wave Signal Repeater Foxx now on sale at Maplin £4.99 collected one today