How to test if a device is working - range extender

I’ve paired an Aeotec Range Extender with my ST hub and can see it in the list of Things in the app and in the API online. However, it seems to not want to stay on in the ST app: if I get to the device’s screen on the app and select the big round button it will turn it on (the on button on the right doesn’t seem to do anything) but then if I go back to the list of Thingd and then enter this device page again it will be off. Nothing is coming up on the Live Logging part of the api so I wondered if there any way to test if it’s actually working. Also, there’s a slider on the device’s page but again, changing that doesn’t create any live logs.

Any ideas greatly appreciated!


From my understanding the buttons shown in the default devicetype are just there to be a ‘catch-all’ z-wave devicetype. In the case of a z-wave repeater they don’t actually have any function. I’m not sure if there is any way to interact with the repeater or not, but as soon as it’s added to your z-wave network it should function as a repeater automatically.

Ah great, thanks Ben. I had no idea. I can see that when I go to the Devices page in the API it says Active and Inactive when I turn it on and off from the Things page of the ST app, so I think it’s probably doing as much as it’s ever going to do. It’s mains powered so presumably it doesn’t generate any feedback (battery level or otherwise) that would appear in the Live Logging.

Thanks again!


If you just added this you might want to run “Z-wave repair”

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Cool thanks. I’ve just started a Z-Wave repair in the Z-Wave Utilities section of the ST app. I’m assuming something will tell me when it’s finished, if it made any repairs and if there are any issues that it couldn’t repair?


EDIT - so it only took a minute and just says repair finished so I’m assuming it’s fine or otherwise it would say something like repair finished with errors?

It would notify you if there were issues. The reason you needed to run the repair was to insure that your z-wave devices are utilizing your new repeater as part of the mesh. Otherwise your furthest devices may still be attempting to connect directly to the hub instead of taking the best route. Everything should be working either the same or quicker than it did before, though it may not be too noticeable depending on the size of your house.

Thanks Ben. I’ll run a repair again when I install more Z-wave devices.

I had similar problems with my repeater… not knowing if it is on or off… but saw this about a Z-Wave Utilities section of the ST app. I don’t see a utilities section or Z-Wave repair function. Is it safe to assume that this was for a prior version of the app / hub? (using Hub v2)

IN case you did not figure it out, in the new app you need to select the HUB in Smartthings app and then the 3 dots and the z-wave utilities are there.

I am having a similar problem. The Range Extender shows as grayed out in the ST app and usually when something is connected, the icon is “bold”. Same idea as a switch on or off. But if I tap the RE, it says connected.

So I am not sure if it is actually working.??? A simple z-wave map utility would sure be nice.

P.S. Yes I see this is 3 years later but I still need to know how to confirm if the RE is working. :roll_eyes: