Aeon Home Energy Monitor - model number + how to add to hub?

I bought some Aeon Labs Z-Wave Home Energy Meter - DSB09104. Physical installation was a breeze. Unfortunately I completely stuck when trying to pair with my hub… umm… did I miss some obvious instructions somewhere? No joke: the box came with zero paperwork, the normal “add a thing” from the iOS app never finds the unit… I can’t find a “add a thing” button in the IDE… seriously, are there install instructions somewhere?

Possible related note: it seems from my searching that there are two versions of the Aeon HEM. I had no idea. Again, I also have no idea how to tell which one I’ve got. I don’t really care, but I’m guessing that’s relevant when I try to install…?

You have a version V1 HEM. So pairing is easy, Bring the unit next to the hub and open the battery door on the back. Now if you are using batteries remove them. Now there is a button on the back, put your SmartThings SmartApp in pairing mode by clicking add thing at bottom of screen. Hold the black button button in add either put batteries in or plug in power supply release button it the light on the front should now be flashing. It should now pair. Once paired you can close it up and move it to it’s location. You just have to add the DH of your choice, there are a few if you do a search on this forum under Home Energy monitor V1.

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Ah, cool! I found the pairing button and then it was trivial to get moving.

Should I be worried that my device is showing “–” on one sensor and “0 kWh” on the other? (edit: yes, I’m drawing plenty of power on both sides of my panel, thus I would expect to see energy usage on both sensors)

Are you on batteries? If so it takes sometimes a little while to read. Sometimes go into the SmartApp on the phone tap the device click the gear on the top right then click done or refresh and see if it starts.

Yes click the gear icon. Make sure the settings are where you want. I changed my reading to change at 5w to get it to kick in otherwise it’s 50w.

Does it matter if I’m using batteries? I am right now, however, I’m happy to supply wired power if that has a meaningful different on performance.

Indeed there is a difference. When running on batteries you’ll only get updates every 4 minutes, instead of whenever it changes. You also won’t get kWh while on batteries. It does that to save your batteries.

Here’s a lot more info, plus a link to my device type that does more than ST’s default: