Aeon aeotec in wall microswitch connection issue


Hi I have a heated towel holder that has an in wall electrical connection. It has an on off switch built in. I am trying to connect it to the aeotec microswitch so that it will auto turn off in 30 minutes after turning on manually from the switch. I can’t seem to figure out the electrical connection. I have standard black white ground from wall and the towel holder has the same wiring. Here is a picture. The instructions are horrible. It talks about 3 way switch which I don’t think I am dealing with. Would really appreciate any help with getting this connected. My main question is what am I doing wrong w the connections based on this picture. Thank you!

(Eric) #2
  1. Too much thrust. Dial it down to like, 1 out of 7.

  2. looks like you have heater wired to the Aeotec switch input . The input does not switch power to anything, and it does not accept line power. And the terminals are a little small too. If you energized the input with 120v then I would expect the Aeotec to be damaged.

  3. This can only work if the heater has a switch that you can latch “on” llike a dumb lightswitch, or if it has NO built-in switch - so that restoring power to it, will make it resume heating. You did not picture the heater so I can’t tell.

  4. So you wire the heater lines to “load-N” and “load-L” .

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nano switch on the other hand does accept power in on the S1 input for control from the switch itself. I would think you could use webCore to set a program when power is applied to unit wait 30 mins then turn off.
look at my other posts in the nano switch discussion for more detailed wiring.

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you can see that is not a Nano, right? You gonna confuse the man.

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yeah my bad on that.