Aeotec Nano Switch Outlet Wiring Help Needed: What do I do with the Ground?

Wondering if anyone has a Aeotec Nano Switch setup to control a device or outlet. I have a Bosch dishwasher that has a plastic junction box that connects the dishwasher wiring to the power cord for the dishwasher. I’ve attached a picture of the inside wiring of this box. I’m confused as to how I would wire in a Nano Switch or if it’s possible. I’m comfortable with electric but what’s throwing me is the ground wire as I’m assuming the nano switch doesn’t have a ground. Would I just leave the ground connected and splice in the nano switch? This is under my kitchen sink and while I could pull out the dishwasher and throw a ZEN15 behind it, I’m not sure if it would have an issue being behind the dishwasher.

First, check the specs to make sure the switch can handle the dishwasher. I’m guessing you are in Europe? Then you may be OK, but you might have to use the Aeotec heavy duty model instead. If you are in the US, some micros can only handle light switches, not even regular outlets as they can only carry a load of 10 A and US code generally requires that outlets handle 15 A. But you just have to check the specs.

(updated after correction noted below.)

If you look at the manual for the nano switch, it specifies it can handle 15A for the US model. I’ve seen conflicting information and I confirmed with Aeotec support that the device does indeed support this load. I’m in the US and I’ve verified that my dishwasher has a load of 12A.

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My bad, I was thinking of the Fibaro switch. Thanks for the correction. :sunglasses:

No problem. I could have also added that I checked the load of the dishwasher and verified the switch’s max load. Thanks for looking though.

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In the picture where does power come in? From the top wire or the wire in the bottom?

Does the second wire have a male on the other end? Where does the Bosch dishwasher connect to?

That box is under your sink or behind the dishwasher?

Someone recently told me that a Bosch dishwasher comes with an outlet box that you are supposed to surface mount behind the dishwasher and that the dishwasher comes with a regular plug. Is this true?

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By the way, why do you want to place a relay there? For control? For monitoring when it finishes? For monitoring the amount of power it uses?

I’ve been a little delayed but I was able to get a response out of Aeotec support. Basically need to wire up the neutrals together, run the live wire to the nano, a new wire to the live terminal in the junction box, and a jumper between the live and IN terminals on the nano.

My dishwasher is screwed in and the outlet is behind it. The junction box is under the kitchen sink. It’s true thay they have this box, however the manual mentions it should not be placed behind the dishwasher. At least for mine that is. I was looking to place a nano in the box so I wouldn’t have to pull out the dishwasher if there were any issues and ultimately I want to monitor the power for notifications.

Did you get this sorted out? Can you take a pic of your wiring by any chance? I’m looking to do the exact same thing for my Bosch DW.

Out of curiosity was there any concern about the Aeotec supporting inductive loads? The primary application of the switch is for resistive (lights) loads, some Aeotec switches specifically call out a warning to not use them for devices that have motors or inductive loads.

This is ultimately my setup for my dishwasher and how Aeotec support recommended I hook it up. Take this advice with a grain of salt as I’m not an electrician and I cannot be responsible for any issues or damage. Proceed at your own risk.

Ground is unneeded, the wires that you need are:

  • Live
  • Neutral, you’ll add a new wire here to connect to Nano Switch.
  • Input power of Dishwasher

N = Connects to Neutral (new wire to Neutral, should be neutral wire, Dishwasher neutral, and new wire to Nano Switch)

L = Connects to Live 120VAC

IN = Bridges to L terminal (this sets the OUT terminal to output 120VAC or OFF).

OUT = Connects to Input power of Dishwasher