Towel Warmer

(Ian D) #1

Hi! I only have a basic understanding of electricity so maybe someone can help me buy the right thing. I’m remodelling my master bath and I plan to purchase a towel warmer like the one linked below. It is 296 watts, 2.6 amp. It will be hardwired to the wall and I want to be able to control it (on/off) through ST. Would any wall-mount switch (Jasco/GE or Linear) work? What about the Aeon Labs in-wall switch like the one linked below?


(Beckwith) #2

Yes, either will work. I actually use the AEON for a bathroom in wall space heater so it can handle the amperage the towel rack requires. You could put a AEON multisensor in the bathroom and program SmartThings to turn on the rack when motion and humidity increases. As a side benefit, you can review the amount of power this luxury incurs since the AEON records energy usage.

(Ian D) #3

Awesome. Thanks beckwith!

(Eric) #4

I couldn’t find it yesterday, but today the “Aeon Micro Switch G2” current rating is 10A, 1200W .

(Chrisb) #5

Off topic… but I do love these little things… they are very useful in a lot of situations… and SMALL!

I put one in the ceiling fan of each of my kids rooms. Obviously it can only turn on/off, not change speeds, but 99% of the time they run their fans at speed-2 anyway. Easily small enough to fit into the dome at the top of the fan too.