Help wiring Aeotec Nano Switch

I think I have this right but don’t want to burn my house down :slight_smile: Can someone check if this looks right?

Here’s the documentation for the switch from the manual:

Here’s what I have today in my wall. I’m trying to control the fan with both the wall switch and the Nano Switch:

Here’s what I think I should do, but would appreciate someone double checking before I wire it up:

Step by step what I think I need to do is:

  1. Connect a new neutral wire from the wall’s neutral wirenut to the Nano “N”
  2. Connect two new wires from the wall’s live wirenut to both the Nano “IN” and “L”
  3. Move the existing wire that goes to the fan to the Nano “OUT”
  4. Move the existing wire that comes from the wall switch to the Nano “S1”

Thanks for taking a second to make sure I don’t create a smarthome disaster :slight_smile:

Looks correct, no fire. Is it a double switch or do you want the both come on at the same time?
If it is a single switch and you want light and fan both on at the same time, then you should connect the light to OUT as well. Otherwise the fan and light will get out of sync when the state is changed in ST.

Got it thanks! It’s double switch, but I only want the nano to control the fan.