Aegool Wifi LIghtstrip-Smarthings-ifttt integration?

I am thinking of buying a wifi lightstrip but I am not getting the Phillyhu lights because they are way too expensive. I can get 30ft of lights for 30 bucks. I watched a video on YouTube reviewing a Aegool lightstrip. The reviewer TaylorTech setup the strip as instructed but the strip would not work with Smartthings. So the young man went to IFTTT and instructed the strip to come on when a lamp in the same room was activated by ST.
My question is, can I setup a Virtual Switch in the IDE and use it to activate this lightstrip. I know that I will need the Magic app or Alexa to change the color but if I can turn it on and off with the Virtual Switch that is all I want to do.

Yes, just do it exactly the way he does it in his video.

This is the IFTTT channel that the LED strip app is Using: