Advice on the best approach to migration

Hi all,
(I’ve searched and can’t find a place with definitive info)

Well, I fear the time has come - I’ve received an email saying that the Classic App stops working in a week, So I will have to migrate…

I have a pretty complex house - 100 odd devices, lots of webcore, lots of community drivers and smartapps, a self written SD card data hack etc.

I understand that it’s unlikely that everything will just work, and so I’m ready to put the time in to resolve issues, but I want to minimise these, so…

What is the best way to migrate?

More specifically - I’m trying to understand whether I should just click migrate in the Classic app & sit back, or if I should do it manually somehow.
What should I back up prior to migration (and how?) - here I’m thinking about the worst case and having to rebuild everything from scratch.
All help gratefully accepted, and I will summarise my progress here too if that may help others.



You should tiptoe in before you jump in headlong. Just don’t run presence from old and newapp at the same time and don’t run STM/STHM (Classic and newapp security module) in the same location at the same time

You can absolutely run both at the same time and see what looks ‘broken’ in the new app. What most have seen, issues could range from poorly displaying device handlers (custom ones if you use them) to how your routines would get transferred into automations and Scenes, but at least by stepping through each of these manually you control your destiny on the fix rather than having it all happen at once

Shut your eyes and hope for the best works equaly well

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Thanks Nathan (and Mike/fido),

So, I’ve installed the app (well updated it, I already had it installed I now realise).
Apart from hating the layout, most stuff seems to be there…

So what am I actually migrating? it seems to be a different (slightly worse? maybe I just hate change!) front end (OK, the ST bar might be useful).
In my Classic App, it still has a banner saying “Migrate this location now” - what gets altered if I click this?
Does this just apply to “Routines” and “Scenes”?



STM and custom rules get migrated to STHM and automations/scenes in the new app.
Routines get migrated to automations and scenes
Smart lock guest access migrates to the new version
SHM gets removed except for controlling status of STHM
Routines and scenes can no longer be created/edited in the Classic app

All details are listed on the migration tool


Your pistons in webcore should normally work as usual. Except for pistons including stm. I was rebuilding my scenes in the new app manually instead for migrating them.

I do all of my automation through smartapps or webcore - I don’t (yet) use scenes, routines, or SHM, it seems like I don’t actually need to migrate anything, and I can just ignore the prompt, get used to the new app, wait for the old app to die, cry a little, and get on with it!