Advice needed - If door left unlocked for 10 minutes - push notification

Hi all,

This is probably super simple for Webcore users. I’m on my first day so trying to learn the ropes!
I’m trying to put together a piston which will send my phone a push notification, if my Conexis L1 lock is left unlocked for 10 minutes.

So far all I’ve got is…

Which is missing the whole ‘10 minutes’ thing - and I guess i’ll need some way to cancel it, if the door is locked?


if lock’s lock stays unlocked for 10 minutes
Location (use location instead of presence sensor 1)
send push notification and store in messages “The door is unlocked”
end with
end if

anyway, simple piston to get you started. if you want more advanced, look at example pistons on the webcore forum :slight_smile:

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I don’t under how i would write the ‘if its unlocked for 10 minutes’ part?

my image shows10 seconds so change to minutes


Perfect! Thank you!

For some less complex rules, you can also use SHM (Smart Home Monitor) and setup a custom rule…not as cool as webcore but can handle a task like this…not sure where it sits now (if SHM runs local) but there maybe some advantages to a local vs cloud task based on your applications for future items

There’s also a Smart app named “Notify Me When” that does exactly this… :slight_smile:
I personally uses a smart app called something like “Autolock” (can’t remember precisely), that automatically locks my one of my doors, if it’s has been left unlocked for more than 3 minutes…

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