ADT Hub + Samsung V3 Hub

I have an ADT Smart Hub as well as a Samsung V3 Hub.

Can they talk to eachother… my existing setup (TV, Phone, Hue e.t.c) doesnt seem to see the ADT hub on the network…

Is having 2 of them pointless or preventing automations?

For example, considering I can control my Hue lights via my smartphone app which is connected to the Samsung V3 Hub, is there a way to setup an automation / trigger for a sensor connected to the ADT hub?

No. Each creates a separate network.

There are some things you can do with two V3 hub’s if you are using the new V3 app.

When you say “ADT smart hub,” what’s the model number? Are you talking about the dual logo smartthings/ADT panel? (Model number F-ADT-STR-KT-1) Or something else?

Hi @JDRoberts,

Thanks so much for the reply…

Umm its an Australian Model -

The unit says the Part No is QA9212-4700-036

Prior to purchasing it I thought it could do similar things to the Samsung Smart Hub…

It is joined to my local network (the same as all my other smart devices) and it doesn’t appear on anythings / anywhere… its as if it doesn’t exist?

I was wondering if having both on the same network was causing the issue…

I would like to create automation’s triggered by activities which register on the ADT device (like open door or arm system) on other devices linked to the other smart hub (turn on light).

I hope that made sense…

ps - i couldnt find a specif ‘model no’ on the ADT panel, the closest was Part Number???

The sales people told me it had the same functionality as the ‘Samsung Smart Thing’s Hub’… which is why i am a bit confused…

It does similar things, but each creates their own separate networks and they will not be aware of each other.

This is true of most security systems: they try to limit possible interference/unreliability/hacking by limiting the number of outside integrations.

when you say network i am guessing you mean zigbee network?

i see no way of adding phillips hue devices to the ADT panel? there is no web interface or capability using the android app?

Sure, but that’s like saying that a Ford has similar functionality as a Toyota. It doesn’t mean the parts are interchangeable. Or that they have all of the same identical features. It means they are competitors to each other.


You would have to ask ADT support. Again, it’s a bit like going into a Toyota forum and asking a question about a Ford engine. It’s possible another community member might just happen to know the answer but not necessarily true.

I should also say that there are lots of people who have both a smartthings hub for home automation and an ADT system for security. Because smartthings is still primarily a cloud-based system, it’s not really well-suited as a primary security system. So many people have a separate system for their security needs.

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Zigbee, zwave, and any other frequency they happen to support.

lol, so true… i cant believe i didnt do my research…

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That is what I was beginning to realise… which is fine… i just thought i was missing the point or had overlooked something…

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Thanks so much for your responses… I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

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