ADT Smartthings - Adding new sensors or flash to 2GIG defaults?

Hey everyone,

I’ve been reading extensively on this site and seeing how ADT/Samsung Smartthings has discontinued support for this product. I even called Samsung, and called ADT about this and both seem to lead to a dead end. The only support I got is from Nortek Security and Controls whom the rep was extremely helpful.

I am having issues adding new sensors that would be alarmed/monitored from the panel. I can add the Smartthings multipurpose sensors but they aren’t monitored from the panel. So in the event that one of these newer sensors are tripped it won’t set off the alarm.

Now the original sensors that came with the panel the Nortek ones that pair up with the panel through the use of the Smartthings Classic app and QR code works, it would set off the alarm too when its tripped. I am having a extremely difficult time finding more sensors like it, and adding it to the panel to self monitor.

So my thoughts are I flash it to the 2GIG firmware however they don’t have an app to remotely arm/disarm, but you could add in pretty much any Honeywell sensors and sensors that operate on the 2GIG panel frequencies.

or I could flash it back to the 2GIG firmware, add in any sensors and use to monitor as well which comes with an app that does a bunch of other things too.

Unless anyone else here has any other ideas?

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Is such a firmware image available that is applicable to this unit? The panel hardware is somewhat customized for SmartThings.

Yes, I contacted Nortek and I downloaded the firmware from their site for the 2GIG GC3 panel. However there are a lot of cons related to this by flashing it back to the default 2GIG GC3 panel. You can do it, but you may loose your celluar connectivity, which I think you would just need to re-pair the radio module to the flashed panel.

The other issue is I believe ADT+ST used its proprietary frequency which is 904-922mhz for the sensors. Looking up the FCCID and controls it operates on that. When Honeywell sensors operate off 345mhz, that would probably by why the panel can’t see them. Also why, ST Sensors work off Z-Wave and ties into the hub.



I’m interesting to update my adt smarthing to 2gig !
Could you please exlain how do you do this

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