Smartthings ADT sensors on sale at best buy. 4.99-9.99

Need to have the ADT hub but good deal…

Door/window sensor

Motion sensor


Interestingly, Best Buy doesn’t seem to have the ADT panel available. It makes me think something new is on the way.

Anyway, I ordered enough sensors to replace my Scout system (which I have been amazingly underwhelmed by). If something new comes at CES, a return is easy enough.

So, if we were to have the ADT panel, would we then be able to use these with our otherwise-normal SmartThings system, or do they forever only work with the ADT panel?

They only work with the ADT Smartthings panel as a hub. V3 had V2 smartthings hubs will not work with them because they dont use zigbee or zwave. With that said on the ADT Smartthings panel they can be used by the integrated smartthings side to do automations. You just have to have the ADT Panel to get them to connect.

OK, thanks.
So, if I had all of that in place, would I be able to configure that SmartThings hub as a secondary hub in my account, and then be able to interact with those devices from my main SmartThings system?

my understanding is that using two hubs in one location is problematic. I also don’t really know why you would want to do it. If you are going to go through the effort of getting a ADT Smartthings panel why not just set it up to handle everything.

What would be problematic about it? The capability is there, and people do it.
I just want to know if it’s possible with this particular hub.

As for why I would want to do it (note: I am only asking questions; not making plans here)…

First-off, it was the low price of the sensors that brought this up in my mind. Then, my curiosity started scheming to see if there’s any way I can work this in my favor.

The reason I would want to use the ADT/SmartThings panel/hub as a secondary hub is because I already have been using SmartThings for many years, and have a giant infrastructure in place that I wouldn’t want to have to completely uninstall, and reinstall in the new one just to take advantage of the deal on these sensors.

However, if doing it this way would give me the ability to add a completely wireless and smart home security system while also adding to my current HA infrastructure for less than I could do in other ways, I would at least have to consider it.

It is problematic because as i understand it Smartthings doesn’t support communication between hubs for the same location. So you would need something external to do it, something like webcore. Is that possible certainly, but it is another layer of complexity and it creates another breaking point.

I don’t know how reliable webcore is, but I expect with how many folks complain about reliability of smartthings being a problem that would be a bad idea. Part of what makes the ADT Smarthings panel so appealing is it’s reliability for the security alarm and local processing for sensors and such.

With that said your reason for wanting to do it is a common one. I don’t know how much you have, but I know it can be a pain to migrate between hubs and such. I just wouldn’t suggest you take this plunge just for a few sensors. If it is really for the reliability of the ADT Smarthings Alarm integration for alarm functionality, then sure. But not just to use a few motion or water sensors that are a little bit cheaper.

If you do, don’t forget to look at ADT Tools 2 as it will enable allot of integration that isn’t available without it


Ya…that’s pretty much how I see it as well. I just had to work through it ‘out loud’ to make sure I wasn’t going to pass up a good opportunity (professional oportunist here lol ).

It is a good alarm system. I am very happy with it, but i also didn’t jump in to far before getting it. I think before i got the panel i only had a few lights and cheap door sensors. Most of my sensors are the ADT Dual Branded ones. I did take advantage of this offer actually :slight_smile: If you really want the best alarm setup with Smartthings with the ability for monitoring this is probably one of the best options.

One of the biggest problems the ADT Smartthings Panel has had though is giving a good reason for folks in your position a good reason to do the switch.

Indeed. If they’d open it up, and allow their panel to be used with a SmartThings hub other than the one built into it, they’d sell more of their panels AND their sensors (i.e. with this current deal, I’d’ve bought enough to suit up my whole house if I could have found an easy way to make this work).

Not sure if it’s a good sign these are being clearanced out and ADT is coming out with a new version of Pulse

It may not be, but at this point I am already all in unless i switch platforms to something like Hubitat

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I just switched everything over and I’m using the sale to add further capability, but I’ll be very disappointed if they discontinue the product line. I noticed amazon itself are not selling the sensors any longer, but are still offering the hub. As long as ADT will still monitor the hub I will stick it out just hope I don’t have any sensors go bad.