ADT Security Hub installer code?

What’s behind this code?

We don’t know. That why we want the code!!! haha

I assume it will let you tweak some of the settings like entry/exit delay, etc.

Has anyone been able to find out the installer code? Just got off the phone with Smartthings support and they told me that they don’t know it and I would have to get with ADT.

telling you to get with ADT is their way of sending you on a goose chase. ADT does not know because ADT does not provide the hardware support. Samsung knows, but won’t provide the code. The ADT-Samsung agreement probably includes Samsung preventing people from “unbranding” the 2GIG GC3 panel, which would allow you to use non-ADT/ST security sensors, and allow you to gain access to all the other features samsung ST has blocked out of the 2GIG GC3 panel.

I found the installer code for my old Honeywell system trying all numbers in order… starting from 0000.

It takes a hell of a lot of patience but you’ll eventually get it…

Luckily my installer code started with 0 so it took me less than 1000 tries to get it.

Anyone figure out the code?

How many digits is it? Does it lock you out? Maybe you can brute-force it.

Have you found out yet?

No have you tested any?

All the default ones I could find

Any update on this?

1501 worked for me.


1501 also worked for me. Wow! Thanks Sentinel01. I won’t ask how you got it. :slight_smile:

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1501 works

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What menu option is this under?

Nevermind I found it. For those that don’t know, long press the Samsung smart things logo at the bottom.

sort of useless since you can’t do much other than change some delay settings…which is one thing I wanted to do anyway. pretty bad you can’t change the installer code, though.