ADT Model Hub: Chimes and Sounds?

Using the ADT/SmartThings hub and sensors, has anyone experienced not being able to change the sound/chimes? When I change them in the hub and press the test button I get the correct sound, but when I open a door sensor I do not get the correct sound regardless of what I set the individual sensor to. I always get 3 beeps and the voice message. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

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So I changed the sounds when I first set mine up, but now I can’t seem to find where the settings are? I suffer from the choppy speaker issue in another thread and the voice announcements breaking up are starting to get annoying so I wanted to turn them off.

The only options in the “sounds” menu on the panel are for volume. I can’t for the life of me figure out where the settings to change the actual sound/announcement type are anymore. Arrggh this is driving me nuts! @RWASR how did you get to them?

For the new app, click on the home security link (just above the box where you arm the system). This should take you to the security manager, where you click on the three dots upper right corner. Select security settings and then the device you want to change. There at the bottom you should see an audible alerts option to change the sound.

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Guess mine wasn’t set on any individual sensors then. Still can’t seem to find where the main system settings for it are. Perhaps that’s why your individual sensor settings aren’t working @RWASR, the main setting is overriding it.

Or maybe it’s just glitched. All my sensors state “disabled” in the app but some of them most definitely have sounds assigned already. I changed one to a different sound to see if it still worked and how the app behaved. The sound did change for me, and the “disabled” actually says the sound being used instead now. So not being overridden by any master setting somewhere, unable to replicate the behavior you’re seeing. But I’d imagine it has something to do with why mine were all listed as “disabled” when not.

Thank you for posting this. It is less than intuitive to realize that you can’t go to “Devices” and select the one you want an "announcement " for. I regularly come back to the post to remind myself that I will need to go Home Security, click on the 3 dots (especially when there is another list of devices when you go into Home Security) just to get to the location to do this. Very confusing!