ADT Hub Glitch?

I’ve had my ADT Smartthings hub for a few weeks now and my only issue is that the voice and tones skip whenever I set the alarm or open a door/window. It updated itself automatically when I set it up so I don’t know if this may just be an issue with this version or not. I’ve tried adjusting the volumes but that doesn’t help. Other than that it’s working fine and has a quicker response to events than my old ADT Quickconnect Plus panel.

I haven’t read that anyone else is having this problem except for one review on Amazon.

See the following thread:

ADT SmartThings internal Speaker Sounding Choppy

That poster reported the same problem, but I don’t know if they found a fix.

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Not much there but thanks! Glad (but not glad) there are other people with this issue.

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Yeah, definitely report it to support. I wasn’t sure if that other poster had heard back yet.

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I saw the other thread before this one. I just set up my panel and have the same problem.

I spoke with support and sent them a video and then they tested a system they had there and confirmed that it was an issue with the panel. They suggested I adjust the volume but that doesn’t help at all. They were really helpful and made sure that the issue didn’t cause any problems with functionality of anything else. From what they said it’s a problem with the speaker and not a glitch with the software so I guess we have to live with it. It does stutter less and less as the days go by. Maybe it’ll completely disappear one day.