ADT SmartThings internal Speaker Sounding Choppy

I set up the system a couple of days ago and set chimes for entry sensors. I noticed today that the internal hub speaker sounds choppy and starts cutting in and out on chimes and all other announcements i.e. arming and disarming notificatiion voice. The WiFi connection status is at its strongest level. I have not set up monitoring with ADT. Has anyone experienced this issue? Thinking a hard reset will solve the issue, but not sure. I’d hate to lose all my settings and paired devices. Thank You

I’ve been having the same issue. Tried adjusting the volumes but that doesn’t help either. I’m hoping there will be an eventual update to fix this.

Just set mine up and have this problem as well.

Update: I ended up sending my original unit back. Set up a completely new unit and low and behold: the same problem, but even choppier! I decided to just live with it and about three weeks later it slowly stopped distorting the voice announcements. I feel as if the speaker/voice/system needs to calibrate with time.