ADT Integration with Professional Monitoring

(Taylor) #1

Let me start with some history, my previous house had a GE NetworX home alarm with everything hardwired (windows, doors, keypads, etc.). Using a VeraLite, an automation interface module, and some programming - I was able to have a home security/automation that I could control with my phone, setup automation senarios, and get all the necessary text/email notifications. Also, I was able to add some Foscam cameras, radio thermostats, & z-wave stuff and had a centralized phone app to control everything in 1 place. On top of that, I added a 4G Uplink Cellular Backup and a AlarmRelay subscription ($9/month) and I had a full fledged professionally monitored alarm. However, I moved out of that house yesterday…

Today, I am moving into a house with a pre-existing ADT Pulse alarm (some stuff is hardwired and some stuff maybe wireless??). I am honestly clueless about it, but the control box with all the wires going into it has a big ADT sticker and there is another box that says “Pulse”.

So, somehow I stumbled here reading about ADT and ST hub intergration (using an audrino?). Some of the threads were over a year old and I know has fast things can change. Can someone let me know if this is still possible and kindly provide the links/info. Also, if necessary can I remove the Pulse (so no competing z-wave), if that is even possible.

I only really want to do this of I can still get the system professionally monitored (this is a deal breaker). So if anyone has this current setup with both ADT & ST with it professionally monitored (other than ADT), please comment.

(kevin) #2

The AlarmDecoder Network Appliance from will integrate with ST and allow you to self-monitor as well as use a monitoring company.

I believe Pulse is just an addon to the panel itself, so you would have to verify exactly which security panel you have to verify compatibility.

If it’s not compatible, a cheap Vista 20p panel can easily be put in place.

( Cosmo) #3

If using an ademco panel but don’t want an internet connected keypad

(Taylor) #4

Thanks for the replies/info!

If I have to change out the panel, then that is what I will do. I guess I need to go up there and see what kind of panel it is (all I saw was a big ADT sticker on the outside). If I don’t have access to the panel, then I might have to get my cutoff-wheel because I do not remember seeing a key.

How will I know if the keypads (hardwired) and other wireless stuff will work? (Assuming all the other hardwired things will work). There are 7 exterior doors on this house, and they all have what “looks” like a wireless sensor on them so I really hate to have to buy 7 new sensors. Thanks in advance!

(kevin) #5

Lucky for you, sensors are compatible between panels as long as the panel is the same manufacturer (in this case likely Ademco/Honeywell). If you replace the panel, just make sure you have a Radio whether it be a standalone board or a built in radio into a Keypad (RF Model) to keep using the sensors.

(Taylor) #6

The inside sticker on the panel says “Safewatch Pro 3000EN”. So will that work? Looks like there is a radio in here too (assuming since I see antennas). See pic.

Also, turns out all the door and windows are hardwired. I think only the glass break sensors are wireless.

(Nate Schwartz) #7

I’m 95% sure that the Safwatch Pro 3000 is just a rebranded Vista 20p so yes it should work. :slight_smile:

(kevin) #8

Yep, that’ll work just fine - you’ll just have to enable a new keypad address on the panel and assign this new address to the AlarmDecoder.

(Taylor) #9

Thanks for the replies. I am trying to get a grasp on everything here.

So the first thing I need to do is get a Alarm Decoder that hooks up directly to the panel as a “keypad”, then I am assuming that gets connected somehow to the SmartThings hub? I have yet to purchase a SmartThings hub, so I probably need to do that too.

Can anyone point me in the right direction from here?

(kevin) #10

Both the AlarmDecoder Network Appliance and the SmartThings hub connect to your local network, and they communicate via network.

(Taylor) #11

So no physical connection between the 2 devices then. That makes things a little easier. My Vera was connected via a serial cable directly to the automation module on the panel (so this is a little different).

Anyway, I have 2 more questions… #1. Can/Should I remove the “ADT Pulse” box? It looks like it is wired into the panel as a “keypad” as well. #2. Where do I go from here? Is there some documentation or a nice write-up that tells me how to get the STH and the Alarm Decoder working together?

Thanks in Advance!

(kevin) #12

You can leave the pulse there if you want, if you’re using the service why not … the device comes with instructions on how to hook to your panel, and here is the smart things integration.

(Taylor) #13

Thanks Kevin! You are awesome!

I am not using anything right now, the ADT stuff was in the house when I moved in. The whole reason I am doing this is so that I will not have to use ADT. I am looking for a cheaper option than $50-60 a month just for monitoring…

(kevin) #14

I suggest something like NextAlarm, or perhaps even using the AlarmDecoder to self-monitor.