ADT Garage Door Opener / ADT Pulse / ST v2

About a year ago I consulted with ADT to have them install the new ADT Pulse system - I’ve been extremely pleased with the performance and reliability however I don’t want to be restricted to only specific modules that are allowed to be installed. This week I purchased and installed the new ST Hub 2 and thus my quest for gathering information began. I ran across a configuration setting in the ios ST app that stated - “Include or Exclude hub from Existing Z-Wave Network” hence I noticed that the ST identified 5 Not Yet Configured devices

  • 2 Jasco Plugin Lamp modules
  • 2 ADT Garage Door Openers
  • 1 Thing (not sure what this is)

Immediately I was able to open and control my garage doors with my ios ST App - Excited!!! I wanted to make sure from my ADT Pulse system that I still was able to control my Garage doors - no functionality was lost. So far so good - Right… Well here is when I started to notice a few inconsistencies - While viewing both ADT Pulse website and my io ST App i performed the following steps

  • In the ios ST App - I clicked on one of the garage doors to open it.
  • Heard the Garage beep and the garage door opened
  • While viewing the ADT pulse portal I could see the Garage door go from Closed to Opening to Open
  • The ios ST App still showed the Garage door in the ‘Closed’ state

If I click on the ‘refresh’ in the ios ST app the garage door status changes from ‘Closed’ to ‘Open’.

Now when I do the same thing for the Jasco Plugin Lamp models - it does not matter which app I use (ADT pulse portal or ios ST App) the status of the lamp module updates in both apps.

HELP - why won’t my garage door status update in the ios ST App??? Please note I have also tried several version of the device handlers in the github community (RH Linear GD00Z GDO & My Z-Wave Garage Door Opener) however nothing seems to be working the way I expect it to. If I can’t resolve this I will have to delete this device from my ST install for I’m not able to trust the status (for example - I setup a SmartApp to send me an alert when the garage door is opened more than 10 mins - thus I never get a notification)

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Just curious to know whether ADT allows users to create their own macros or programs? If yes, then with what level of complexity and how easily? For example, can I set up something like → As soon as I leave office in the evening , and no one is at home, then change the thermostat’s temperature and turn on the robot vaccum…

I think if ADT just gives you a remote control to turn things ON/OFF or open close the garage door, then one can argue that SmartThings is equally reliable and has no monthly fee.

As for the issue that you are having, I am not sure how well SmartThings works when it is added to an existing Z-Wave network. I have the GD00Z opener and it is directly connected to ST. It works flawlessly. It has been good 3-4 months since I upgraded my garage with that controller and I’ve not seen a single failure as yet.

Did you consider getting rid of ADT all together? I suppose you are in a contract?

8 more months left on the contract and bye bye ADT! :grinning:

Can you tell me what Device handle you are using for your Garage door?

What I do like about the ADT pulse system is it does allow you to do macros (IFTTT). I setup a ton of macros - such as during 6p and 6a if anyone opens the front door the lights turn on and will turn out 10 mins later. I currently have all my windows and doors with contact sensors, 3 motion detectors, 2 glass breaks, 2 key panels, and of course the 2 garage door sensors + 3 cameras - the monthly cost is around $70 and definitely believe and can duplicate the capabilities with the ST hub (and more).

I am using this device type which enables control in other apps as well


So I tried the recommendation at the top of this thread, and it seemed to work fine, when I had just one Z-Wave switch added into my ADT Z-Wave network (using the PGZNG1 controller / iHub from ADT).

I could control that light from either ADT Pulse software or the SmartThings app.

Now I have added 20+ additional switches and lights to the ADT Pulse network, and I can’t get them to be found by the SmartThings hub. I tried removing the location from the SmartThings app, and reconnecting via the same process as in step #1 above (Include/Exclude hub from existing Z-Wave Network), and it doesn’t find any of my devices.

What have I done wrong? How do I get the ST hub to reconnect to the ADT Z-Wave network?

Any help is much appreciated.

Believe me for say - it seems to be random and does not always work the way I would expect it to however here are the steps that I performed (over and over again) until it worked. First a little back ground on what is installed via iHub and what is shared between iHub and STv2.

Here is what is connected to ADT iHub

  • 30+ Window sensors
  • 2 Motion Sensors
  • 2 GE Plug in Outlets
  • 2 GE Smartswitch
  • 2 Garage door Sensors/Openers
  • 2 Glass Breaks
  • 3 Entry Door Sensors
  • 3 Cameras

Here is what STv2 Hub shares with ADT iHub

  • 2 GE Plug in Outlets
  • 2 GE Smartswitch
  • 2 Garage Door Sensors/Openers
    (Note - Windows & Door Sensors + Motion Sensors + Glass breaks were not detected)

Steps I would perform

  1. From the Smartthings IDE (SmartThings IDE)
  2. I would remove the location
  3. Setup the new location
  4. from the ST IDE put into Live Logging mode
  5. From the Pulse Portal navigate to (Systems Tab) click on Manage Devices and select the Switches, Doors etc box)
  6. Log into your Smartthings app and navigate to Location, click the setup icon, scroll down and select Home Hub, and then select Z-Wave Utilities
  7. Pulse Page - Hit the Rest Button at the same time in the smartthings app Select General Device Exclusions and click Remove (I performed this a couple times)
  8. Pulse Page - Clicked on Bulk Add at the same time in the ST app I clicked on Include or Exclude Hub from Existing Z-Wave Network

Hope this helps

drdawson -
Thanks a ton for the prompt response… This shows promise. (Can’t test it out until I get back to the property later this week). Essentially this is setting up the ST controller as a sub-controller of some sort on the iHub-controlled z-wave network, right?

Curious why it would be inconsistent, and require multiple attempts with the same process before finally working.
Seems an inconsistency with the Pulse iHub?

Side question: have you added devices to the ADT controller since you connected the STv2 controller, and if so, did the STv2 controller see it automatically, or did you need to add it there also?

Thanks again, I’ll let you know when I get it working.

drdawson, I have tried step by step what you mentions and I cannot get it to work. I get an error ADT is trying to enroll the ST saying device needs to be reset did that happened to you??

@drdawson - thanks much for the detailed instructions. I’ve followed your guidance a number of times, but alas, am still unable to get my ST to become a secondary controller to my ADT Pulse z-wave setup. I can’t tell if the issue is on the ST side, or the ADT side. A few observations:

  • Step 7 never seems to work (or provides no indication of having worked). On the ST side, the app just stays on the screen that says “Exclusion Mode Active”. The ADT portal eventually times out indicating that a “button press was not detected”. I’ve also tried doing this step from the ST IDE (rather than the app), but to no avail.
  • Step 8 also does not seem to work. On the ST side, the app does appear to work. After about 5 seconds, I get a screen on the app that says “Z-Wave join finished. Remember to reconnect any smart devices…”. However, on the ADT side, the portal again seems to time out, with a message at the top that states “No Z-Wave button press was detected. Reset the device and try again.” The app appears unchanged (i.e. no new devices added to it), and the portal appears unchanged (i.e. the ST hub does not appear as a new secondary controller). I have attempted these steps repeatedly, but again, to no avail.
  • Both the ST Hub and the ADT Pulse hub are successfully connected to my wi-fi and the internet; however, the two are in separate rooms, about 20 feet apart. There is no line of sight between them, but neither are there any substantial walls. Not sure if this matters (as I can’t tell if they are talking to each other via the internet, or via Z-wave). My ADT Z-wave mesh does permeate the entire house, though, at least as evidenced by the functioning of my various switches.

So, any guidance from the experts out there? I’ve had the ADT pulse system for a while, and have a good 20+ devices attached to it. While I could disconnect all of the switches and doodads and put them on the ST system (an experiment I have successfully done), I’d rather keep the ADT system intact and just hookup the ST as a secondary controller so I can get integration with Amazon Alexa and Logitech Harmony. Particularly as some of you seem to have pulled this off!

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

addingvalue- mitchell, were you ever able to get your smartthings hub connected to adt as a secondary controller? Like you, I would like to be able to use the smartthings hub to get control from Alexa and harmony remotes. Saw your last post… was wondering if you found a solution?