Advice needed on integration of ADT Pulse, MyQ garage door (Chamberlain), and other Z-Wave devices

I just purchased a house and had the garage door replaced with a Chamberlain that has MyQ built in. Along with that, we’ll be getting ADT Pulse installed (since there’s already a full wired ADT system) with one of their recommended thermostats and hub. My plan is to add light switches and deadbolt at some point.

After scouring the internet for ideas on integrating MyQ with either Z-Wave or ADT Pulse, this site kept popping up so I’m thinking this is the place to be for this type thing. What is the best way forward for me to try and get these things integrated with a minimum of extra hubs? And how about Apps?



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This thread should help you getting the MyQ to work and answer just about any question you have. I’m almost 100% positive you need the hub though! Take a look that thread is long!

I’d hold up on the Thermostat until you find something that works with ST’s if this is what you final home automation platform will be. There’s a bunch out there and probably cheaper then what ADT is charging. ADT won’t work with ST’s. I have (Monitronics) right now, but if ST’s announces a company that will work I’m jumping to whomever that is.

I have a NEST Thermostat (No Hub)
I use this with my Hello Home Actions. When everyone is gone the house goes to 81. When someone comes home it jumps down to 74. My electric bill in South Florida was $129 last month and I keep my A/C at 74-73 when I’m home. I also have a pool pump going 8 hours a day!. I have a 5 bedroom 2600sf home! The surrounding neighbors electric bill average bill is $290 with the same floor plan! My favorite time of the month is the electric bill haha! This is the greatest thing I ever did!


Im also getting the Pulse, were you able to integrate it to smartthings?

I honestly haven’t tried. It would be nice to integrate Pulse with the MyQ thing and have everything on one interface.

I too would love to see this integration

No updated info on this? I just had Pulse installed. Would love to integrate the MyQ garage door. Anyone have any info on this?