ST 1.6.27-223 questions

The new ST app always shows my Linear GD00Z-4 Z-Wave Garage Door Opener as “disconnected” is it not compatible? Works fine in the older app.

Also the new app no longer has a “recently” tab unless i missed it? I used this tab to see if a sensor has been open in the last few hours and really miss it.

It’s compatible, but probably just a sync issue between the two apps. ST knows there are device sync things to address, and they’re working on it.

True, but I thought there was something in the new app that shows something similar. I could be confusing that with notifications though. @jkp?

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In 1.6.27, Notifications and Activity are now under History which you can find in the 3 bars in the upper left of the Home screen

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Looks like it has all devices listed, but nothing just per device, or maybe per Room? I’ll miss this feature that Classic has!

Nothing in activity for me. It also had temp changes listed in there for sensors.

Will we be forced to switch apps? I don’t see anything new in the new ST app other than looks but i’m sure it’s a work in progress.

There will come a time when the Classic app will be phased out. How or when - no one knows except Samsung/SmartThings.

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