ADT Door Window sensors too big... don't fit... now what?

So I decided to dive into the ADT Smartthings hub and devices… and I love the hub… but the door and window sensors don’t fit my doors and windows.

Issue 1:
I can’t attach to my doors… for some reason, all my doors sit about 3 to 4 inches inside the frame… so attaching the sensor to the front side of the frame does not work. I don’t even have enough space for the sensor to go on the inside of the door… the magnet piece is just a little too thick that when the door opens… it gets ripped off.

Issue 2:
I have double hung windows… so the proper way is to have the main part of the sensor on the inner must window (where the locks are attached) and have the magnet part of the sensor on the outer window (where the locks attach too). Here I run into the same issue where the magnet piece is too big and I would be able to open the window without ripping out off the magnet piece.

So what are my options so I can keep using my new investment. Can I just get small “strong” magnets that are skinnier than what is provided? I’m sure for the door I could cut out a spot for the magnets to sit in the frame… but wouldn’t be able to do that for the windows. I could put the sensors for the window on the side… but if the window was pulled down from the top… it would be useless no?

Has anyone had similar problems?

I’m not sure I have any bright ideas for how to place the sensors the way you’re looking to, but I don’t think you need to worry too much about this specific concern. While you are correct, the likelihood of a home invader entering your house via the top sash of one of your windows (as opposed to kicking in a door, smashing a window, etc) is probably close to nil.

True, but this would negate any other automations you’d want to tie to having a window open, for instance if you preferred to open the top sash to get a breeze without disturbing the flower pots or tchotchkes you have on the window sill. Maybe an edge case but a valid concern - this is where all the (dumb) ADT sensors were installed at my old house, it makes sense to install your ST sensors the same way. I can’t imagine they came up with a new, larger magnet design for the ST components - do your windows have unusually shallow trim?

I use the Visonic MCT-340E contact sensors and they have a pretty small magnet that allowed them to be installed the way you describe; but really, any other reasonably strong magnet should do the job.

@MarkTr it appears that the trim is 1/16th shorter than the width of the magnetic sensor at best, the magnetic sensor is about 1/2 to 9/16 inch wide.

You are correct about opening the top sash for a breeze… we actually had all our window top sashes open yesterday.

I’m wondering if something like these wold work instead of the supplied magnet:

I don’t suppose it improves anything to roll the magnets over on their edges?

Can you post a picture of your door frame situation? Is the other side of the door more flush?

@MarkTr rolling over to edge makes things worse because it is on the side that is taller. Taking the magnet out and placing it on the window trim… but attaching it seems problematic since it is a cylinder.

@prjct92eh2 1 photo is of the window that is opened… and the other 3 are of the door (right, top and left side). I actually think I can put the sensor near the hinges and when the door opens… the sensor should move far enough away to break contact.

assuming that is an exterior door, that is the side of the door on the inside of the house, right?

Correct, I could put it on the outside… but then it would be exposed to the elements.

What about popping out the magnet?

I had similar situation so I gently pried the bottom of the sensor to take out the magnet and used the gray colored dhesive to keep the magnet in place.

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That does seem to work… though I had to use a set of command strips that I trimmed down since the provided adhesive lost all its stickiness. Now I need to make it look a little nicer :wink: Maybe paint the magnet and do a better job of trimming the command strips or adhesive.

My concern is that since the magnet is round that it could potentially roll off the adhesive. I purchased the magnets in the above link and will see if they do the job just as well.

The magnets in my daughter’s magna-tile sets would probably be perfect - about 1/8" square x 1/2" long and strong enough to build reasonably sturdy structures…something like this is pretty close but your selection is a little more cost-effective since this is only 1 piece.

“Low power” hm…

Great, thanks… I will look at those if what I ordered doesn’t work out.

I will keep you posted… delivery is set for April 1st… but who knows if that is a joke or not :wink:

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You can get smart door contacts that go in a hole instead. Drill a hole in your door frame and door edge, and install the two pieces.

Our you could install a metal bracket to the top of your door and put the magnet on that, then install the sensor on the door face so it doesn’t get in the way of the door swing.

Heh, maybe best idea yet? Install the sensor on the door and the magnet in the frame. You could probably use a standard imbedded magnet from a dumb wired door contact.

There are no recessed sensors for the ADT/ST combo panel that will work for security.

Just FYI the magnets I bought and work well… I’m set! Had to add some super glue for the door as the adhesive didnt last long.