Solution to bulky magnets that prevent a proper contact sensor mount on windows

My issue is that the gap on all my windows is too small to mount my contact sensors in a way that will detect an opening from the bottom and top of the window.

So I bought these magnets from Amazon.

Magnets: 1/8 in x 1/16 in (50) 10003

Fixed them up like this.

Works great. Right now just stuck there with double sided tape. I am going to get some plasti dip and make them white with a more clean stick surface.

Now if you open from the top or bottom the sensor catches it.


That’s a very nice solution to your problem!


Take the magnet out of the case and you’ll find it’s nice and long and skinny. I’ve done that for a couple, and it works very well: (pocket door example)


Yea, I looked in side there before. I didn’t want to ruin the case. Plus I wanted to see if I could make it smaller.

The case just snaps apart, and reassembles without glue or anything. I really like the Plasti Dip idea, and I bet my wife would too.

A can at lowes should be $5.

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Inside some sonic toothbrush heads there are 2 small flat magnets that are very strong. I used them as a sort of booster to the stock SmartThings Multipurpose sensors. They may work better than the round ones you have. And as a bonus you can get them after the bristles are worn and bent beyond usefulness before disposing of the plastic bits.

Ha, I have a sonic tooth brush, wife too. I got it a couple weeks ago. I still drool when using it. Does that ever stop?

I drool over my wife once in a while. Not as often as I once did. Oh drooling when using the toothbrush, just a dribble.

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