Door/Window Sensors on UK style UPVC windows

I’m using the Smartthings Multi-Sensor, and trying to figure out the best way to fit it onto my UPVC Window.

On a standard(at least I think somewhat standard) UK UPVC doors/window the sensor and magnet aren’t close enough to register as ‘closed’. This is due to the fact that door/window typically doesn’t fit flush with the frame.

Is there a nice clean method for raising the height of one of the sensors so that they work properly, or am I missing something simple?

Any help would be appreciated!

This sort of thing has been mentioned in numerous threads in the forum.
It may be too late for you now but personally I like the Sensative Strips.
Either google the above strips or search the forum.

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I’m using Multi, Orvibo, Xiaomi sensors on UPVC and they work without issue. I mount the sensor on the door/window and the magnet at an angle on the frame.

Have you tried? Or are your frames single not workable?

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This is what the window looks like as an example…

For the window in the post above, you’d want the big unit on the window frame and the magnet on the surrounding frame. So you’d have to raise the big unit with a block or something. Having said that, I’ve found that the two pieces don’t necessarily need to be flush…just play around with it to determine the tolerance of the two pieces.

Thanks for the feedback. I did something similar for another door, but wondered if there was something more elegant. I’ll play around an post my results.

The most elegant solution is the Aeon triangular sensor. The magnets are so slim you can usually just push them into the rubber sealing strip around the door. And you can paint the sensor too!

I had my son 3D print some extra thick mounting brackets for the sensor. There are a couple of drawings on thingyverse.

urghh… that’s another expensive hobby I have been looking at. I can imagine a 3D printed mount extender would work quite well. :slight_smile:

It does. See the standard mount in front and a thicker one we printed at the back.

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That’s brilliant! I’m going to have a friend print some out for me to test.

Do you have a link to the drawings?


Thanks! I will print out for my Samsung devices. I have also just received some of the Xiaomi door/window sensors which when I get them working I might try my hand at creating a template for these.

It’ll probably be a month or so, but will repost if/when I get it right with a link to the template.

Update from my side. I have created a new model(my first 3d model from scratch :slight_smile: ) to raise the height of the Xiaomi door/window sensors to also work with UPVC doors. I’m still a novice at this, but was pleased with the output.

Here is a link to thingiverse if others have this issue.

Never had to use any sort of block - in that original picture, I’d stick the magnet to the frame at the bottom (facing upwards, so the sticky side on the top of the frame) and then place the sensor on the window so when it’s closed it’s directly above it. More or less identical to what I have on the back door.

That’s a good idea - perhaps I should have looked at a simpler solution first :slight_smile: