Ads in new SmartThings app now?

When I opened the SmartThings app just now, I saw an add at the top of my Home Screen listing. The add was for the Samsung Camera which ironically I already own. I placed the STHM at the top of the list for a reason since SmartThings is supposed to be a security system. But now the STHM was pushed down so the add could be shown at the top. There’s already so much screen space wasted at the top to show the Home location with Weather and the Monitoring status, but now ads too apparently. Wow…

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you can turn them off in the settings (suggestions i believe is what the setting is called)

Turning off “Get suggestions” did not remove the ad for me. What a waste of space. Samsung keeps adding to my list of reasons why I hate the new SmartThings App.

Placing ads in our apps to sell more stuff to us is more important to Samsung than getting a working replacement for our Classic app. So so sad!. I would be ok with this … if things they addressed users needs first … and I do not think there is a single person that would want ads…err sorry “suggestions” as a feature in this app unless those suggestions tell us how to get our devices working again!

Like this post if you want working app again…


For me there was a very hard to see little x in the top right corner to click on to make the ad go away. So far it hasn’t popped back up. At least it was there in the iOS app.

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I think that’s what I did too when I first converted to the new app which was many months ago. I haven’t had any ads pop up since I turned it off. I have the Android app by the way.