What’s with the Ad and Home Monitor being pinned to the top?

I’m sure this has already been discussed but “Ad” is too short of a search term to produce meaningful results.

Home monitor status and an ad for a Samsung device are not part of my home automation plan. Has there been any discussion about getting rid of either in the new app?

Edit: I don’t mean the moveable home monitor item but the hero banner at the top that rotates between Home/Temp and the Monitor status. And then the ad below that.

I clicked the x on my ad and it has not returned.


Totally didn’t see the X.


Would like to eliminate the SmartThings Monitor hero banner. Just a waste of space if I’m not using the monitor. Is there an X for that too? :laughing:

And at the bottom

Really a pity as the Monitor banner takes up a ton of space.

Ya, I don’t get that Weather Channel Banner at the bottom. It doesn’t even do anything.

Trying hitting the 3 dot menu in the top right corner, choose edit. You should then see a checkbox for each item on the home screen that you can remove.

Unfortunately, that banner with the temperature and the home monitor status is not something you can edit location on. It is forced to the top. Just bad app design. Bunch of wasted space with the outside temperature which, in this case, isn’t even sourced from my house since I don’t have an outside thermometer in my setup.

Try turning off ‘Get suggestions’ in Settings. That was the recommendation I found to get rid of a Samsung camera ad I saw in the new app a few weeks ago.

Thanks. That’s not it either. I have that turned off.

I think it is just somebody at Samsung thinking their clever with this big hero banner for the Home Monitor…but not terribly relevant if you don’t use that feature. It’s a shame it is so huge. The temperature thing is also a weird one. Home automation solution with sensors all over my house and it sources the outside temperature off the internet and makes that the first thing I see in the app.

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