Adjusting time settings of multiple smartlighting apps

I have a number of smartlighting apps that need adjusting as we move summer/winter. Currently, I have adjusted the timings of each individually as the evenings change (though all to the same new times), but it it possible to have a “one stop” setting I could adjust that would then apply to all the smartlighting apps? I know there is a sunrise/sunset option, and you can offset the time for each separate app, but that doesn’t solve my question - I would still have to adjust each one, individually.

Sounds like their are really 2 options for this. First core/webcore. Second create a summer/winter virtual switch with an automation that changes it’s state 2x/yr. then duplicate your smartlighting automatons so half only run when the season switch is on and rather other half only runs when the season switch is off.


There is no mass change. I’d go through all of them and change to sunset/sunrise with offsets.

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thanks, both