Smartlighting app unreliable when controlling more than one light

I’ve been using SmartLighting to schedule my exterior lights on/off at sunset/sunrise. This worked very well. I then added another exterior light switch to the same schedule and now one or the other often does not come on or go off as scheduled. It’s totally inconsistent as to whether one fails or which one fails. I’ve separated them into separate (identical) schedules for now but has anyone else experienced this?

EDIT: I suppose I can also control them both via a scene or a virtual switch but I’m curious is there is something inherently problematic with multiple switches in one SmartLighting schedule.

I’ve been having issues with smart lighting as well trying to follow rules in the new app. Mine won’t turn off after motion stops, and I cant prevent the action from happening if the light is already on.
I think there’s some errors in the smartapp coding that I hope will be addressed in the future.
For now I just use custom automations for my lights, and if they’re more complicated than the rules allow for in the smartthings app, people advise using webcore which I haven’t tried yet.

Interesting. I’m still using the old app and when controlling one light, its been reliable. I prefer to use it over WebCoRE because it can, in many circumstances, run locally.

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I submitted a ticket about smart lighting, hopefully it’ll get some attention.

Running locally does make a noticeable difference if you’re expecting a light to some on as soon as your motion is detected, so I’d agree with you on keeping at least those actions local and off webcore.

I use multiple lights/switches in many of my 35+ Smart Lighting automations without issue.

Perhaps the SmartThings Classic app handles this better than does Samsung Connect?