Fire tablet

I have a fire tablet running actiontiles in fully browser with dakboard as a screen saver.
I’m finding the screensaver too bright at night, so I was wondering what other people are using?

There is a setting to adjust the brightness in fully. Is that not working?

No, doesn’t seem to effect it

Which Fire tablet are you using - the 7"? Have you done any customization to it or is it running the stock Amazon Fire OS?

I use an application called Lux Lite to dim screen all the way to BLACK (beyond the os settings). I set a tasker event to dim based on a set time.

Im currently trying to use sharptools to trigger the dim and brighten as well…

Basically I have a android device that I use as an alarm clock and wanted it dim and night and bright during day…


Take it a step further, I will use sharptools trigger to brighten the screen if my ST bedroom light turns on at night and dim once the light turns off…


Solved the problem, I noticed you can turn the background picture off in dakboard so I just have a black background with a white clock and calendar.

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If you’re running stock android and want to look at something in that, I have nightclock installed going through the daydream function of the android OS. Allows for customization of the brightness vs. the brightness of the device normally. Plus you can wake it up with a double tap.