Adding Schlage connect locks; New to SmartThings!

New to the forum and considering the purchase of a SmartThings hub.

I currently have 2 Schlage Sense deadbolts that I’m not too happy about. Bluetooth is limited and, when I added a Wifi adapter, HomeKit is not supported.

I spoke to Schlage and they are sending me 2 Schlage Connect replacements that use Z-band. I am consdiering swapping them out and I am researching an apporpriate hub.

Question: If I use SmartThings as my hub, will I be able to open and close locks, as well as change PIN codes, remotely?

Thanks in advance.

Yes I have two Schlage Z-Wave locks and I use ST to open and close and set up pins. I can so anywhere I have internet access.

Great. Does that occur natively or is there a specific app I should be installing?

ST will find your lock natively. But the features you want need custom apps/handlers.

There are a couple LockManager apps. One is by ‘rBoy’, and requires a payment. I understand it works well.

The other is by ethayer/garyd9. It does not require payment. And i can tell you from experience that it works very well.

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I’ve used the app and device handler created by @RBoy, and can verify that it works very well and is full featured.They also have very responsive support if you encounter issues with their apps or device handlers. The combination of their app and device handler will also tell you whose code was entered, which can be used for user specific automations. Definitely worth the lifetime subscription. @RBoy is also the official developer for Monoprice device handlers.

Unlike Bluetooth, Z-wave works as a mesh network, so you should either have your SmartThings hub near the lock (< 10 ft away), or install a z-wave switch or outlet within ~10 ft to function as a repeater. This will ensure that your lock has a reliable connection to the hub, and will save on battery drain.

Additionally, install door sensors on the doors with the connected locks so that you know that doors are CLOSED and locked.

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Thanks for the great input. I was curious about the z-wave reception- from what you are describing, it seems almost as limited as bluetooth if you don’t have another product nearby. Which repeater do you recommend?

Edited to add: I see that you recommend a switch or a outlet as a repeater…