Adding Samsung Connect home Pro to my existing Mesh Network

I just got another Samsung Connect Home Pro ET-WV530. I already own 3 of them and have it set up as a mesh network. One of the ET-WV530 is hard wired while the other 2 are meshed though Wireless. I try to set up this new one though the app and it won’t let me added to the existing Mesh. I can make another stand alone wireless network, but that is not I am trying to do. I would like to add it to my Mesh using Wireless. Any ideas? TIA

How are you trying to add it? I have the ET-WV525 (Plume) and if you want to add an additional hub, you need to add it as a sub-hub from the primary vs adding it via “+ Add device”.

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The ET-WV530 does not use Plume. I am using the Samsung SmartThings app to add the ET-WV530. I tired using the Plume app and it told me it can’t fine anything.

I did it before but not sure if they dropped that feature for the ET-WV530. I did it before but it was a while back.

The screenshot I posted was from the ST mobile app, not the Plume app. I was giving it as an example of adding a sub-hub vs adding a completely new separate hub. If it works similar to my model, you should be able to click on your primary hub and somewhere in the device card there should be an option to add a sub-hub. For my model, you click on the primary hub and then click on Network Status and then there is the option to add the sub-hub as I posted.

The connect home models are no longer manufactured, although you can still buy them new some places. They were replaced by the newer generation that uses plume.

Several members have reported in the last couple of months that they bought a new connect home model but its firmware was so old that it could not connect with the SmartThings cloud.

I’ve only read of one person who was able to get it added in that situation, and I’m not sure how they did it, but I think the first thing would be to create an official support ticket.

The first person you get will probably be a general Samsung employee working from a script to may not know much about SmartThings. But persevere, and eventually your ticket will be escalated to an engineer who may be able to help.

But it may be challenging since you are dealing with a discontinued model. :disappointed_relieved:

If your new one does have new enough firmware that it can communicate with SmartThings, you used to add a new sub by starting from the device screen for your main hub, and then selecting the “add another hub“ option from there.

If you are being given the option to set up a new network, it sounds like you started from “add a device“ and then chose hub. But that’s not what you want to do in your situation. You want to start from your existing primary hub, and there should be an app option somewhere in its device details to add an additional sub hub. :thinking:

Also note that with the model that you have, there’s a maximum of five hubs on the Wi-Fi mesh, one primary and four sub hubs. The newer model with plume can have up to 32 total. But it sounds like you’re still under the limit, I just wanted to mention it because it was never well documented.

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The Connect and the Wi-fi hubs received firmware 47.12 back in July of this year so at least his existing one should be on “relatively” current firmware.

Samsung Connect Home/SmartThings WiFi Hub Firmware Hotfix Notes - 0.47.12
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Thanks for the input. I believe all my hubs are on the latest update. I will contact support and see what they can do. I am annoyed they dropped the feature of letting me add to the existing mesh. The ET-WV530 are descent WiFi App.

Any update on this? I had to remove one of my et-wv530’s and now I cant add it back.

No. They requested the kids which I have sent, but didn’t hear anything else after that.

That does not sound promising. I submitted a ticket today and will most likely call tomorrow.

Let me know if you get anywhere with them. I am sure they will ask you to do this.

“ I request you to please reproduce the error a few times to generate log information, then follow these next steps in the app to get the logs (Menu->Contact Us->Error Reports->Tap on the “Error Reports” heading 10 times. when ‘Create a log?’ appears tap OK. ) This will generate a log file which can be directly attached and sent via email.”