Adding Ring Pro to a Room/Group

I have created two additional rooms (groups), front yard and back yard, for things I might setup in the future as far as weather stations and/or some outdoor sensors. When I try to add one of my Ring Pros named Front Door to the Front Yard room, for example, I just get an red bar on top stating “An unexpected error occurred.” Same for the Back Door Ring Pro and the Back Yard room.

Is it just that these specific devices cannot be added to a Room or group? Maybe that option is missing in the device handler for these.

Can someone try on theirs and see if they get the same type of error?

My Ring Video Doorbell Pro is in one of my rooms

Dammit, I wonder what’s wrong then with mine. Trying to update it in the SmartThings IDE panel doesn’t work either. I go in, edit and add it to a group, hit update. When I go back in it shows the group as blank again. It also won’t take the setting for the hub either.

Just deleted and re-added both and now it works. Weird.