Adding fuctionality for Delaney Locks

Can anyone tell me if a product, such as Delaney locks that aren’t advertised as supported with smartthings, can be manually added so they can function through the smartthings dashboard?

Also, can anyone tell me if Delaney z-wave locks will be supported by smarthings in the future?


Looks like a pretty standard device, if it’s what you really want I think it’s pretty safe to buy it. It will probably be detected as a zwave thing and you’ll just have to change the DTH to zwave lock. Obviously, buy from a place with a decent return policy in case I’m wrong :slight_smile:

Thanks for that, It is a sample so I’m not worried about the refund, but t is for a builder that is determined to use this lock. I will try to make it discover again but it did not when I tried it.

For locks (at least the schlage I have) you may need to bring the hub very close to it, 10ft or ideally less to pair them. I think it’s a security thing while pairing. If that doesn’t work put the hub into exclusion mode and try to exclude the lock before trying again to re-pair it. Good luck!

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Based on the specifications provided by the manufacturer, it should work with the Enhanced Z-Wave Lock DTH. A few things may need to be added to report it’s capabilities to ST correctly to get use of the advanced features of the lock. @Goff001 if you decide to get the lock and use the DTH, ping me and we can go into more details.

Just a note that this lock uses S2 where as the v2 hub only uses S0 for now. V3 may support S2, but it should work fine AFAIK.

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V3 Will support S2 eventually, that was part of their zwave certification agreement, but they were granted an extension. I don’t know for how long, though.

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The distance to the hub might be the issue, I had it by the door, I will test it again tonight and update. Thanks for all the suggestions.

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