Adding Devices without Breaking the Bank

First off, I want to thank the ST team and the great job they’ve done. I don’t want this thread to deter anyone from buying directly from their site, as there are many devices offered at the SmartThings Store that are unmatched by many lower priced options (smartsense multisensor for example).

This thread is merely to help those that are trying to replace all their light switches and add motion detector around the house without having to break the bank during the process. With that said, let’s begin.

Light Switches:
Lowes - GE Zwave Switch
Lowes - GE Zwave Dimmer
Lowes - GE 3way Switch Set

Motion - Monoprice Motion Sensor
Door/Window Contact - Monoprice Door Sensor
Water/Leak - Lowes - Utiltech Water Leak Detector

Lowes - Water Timer

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it’s true. The people I have referred to ST I also suggested they just buy the hub and get everything else somewhere else. Gilbert I would add the lowes utilitech iris siren to your list. I just bought one for $30 compared to the fortrezz $50

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Here’s the Siren that @greg referred to:
Lowes - Utilitech Siren

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I’ve done mostly that - SmartThings hub with 3rd party stuff surrounding it.
A couple of great cost savers:
Buy multi packs of z-wave wall sockets and light switches on Ebay.
You can still score the older “Non IRIS” GE Z-wave items for dirt cheap at select Lowes stores.
Pick and choose on Amazon. Yes, you can find some gems for cheap.

@thegibertchan, I have all of the Lowes devices you mention, plus the smoke/CO2 detector, and siren (except the battery status isn’t reporting), and they work great. Priced perfectly too. Here’s more from Tiger Direct that I have:

Everspring Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor -

Vera Z-Wave Motion Sensor -

Philio Z-Wave Multi-sensor -

And lastly from Amazon (watch for really good prices):

Schlage RS100HC V N N SL Home Door and Window Sensor -

That Schlage sensor is awesome and very nice because is has hardwire terminals inside. I use several of them on windows where I’ve got two doublehung windows side by side. In that scenario I’d need 2 sensors at least, but with that sensor I just need one and a couple simple magnetic contacts like these:

Here’s a YouTube video as well on how to wire them up with physical contact sensors:

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It is worth mentioned that the multi-sensor from SmartThings is more than just an open/close sensor. It can be used for things like tilt, vibration, and temp measuring, so it isn’t completely fair to compare it price-wise with a z-wave open/close sensor.

That said, if all you intend to do with it is open/close sensing, then yeah… get the cheaper unit.