Moving from IRIS and need ALL new Hardare


First of I am very impressed with the community around StartThings. I have been a long time IRIS user and advocate but I am building a new house and decided to research what was out there instead of just going with IRIS. After researching I have decided to go with smart things based on 2 things. There transparency and communication and this community.

Im planning to outfit the entire house with SmartThings. I need alot of dimmer switches & 3 way switches. I will also be install halo fire alarms and a number of sensors.

My question is where can I purchase switches for the lowes cost as I am expecting to need 30-40 of them. I am looking at these switches but would be open to alternatives based on cost

Thank you and I look forward to being an active member of the community.


Most of the Iris stuff will work with the smartthings hub.

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As long as it is the 2nd generation IRIS devices


I probably should of been more detailed in my post. Because I am building a new house I am going to with all new hardware and will not be moving any of my iris equipment to the new house.

Hi Chris, welcome to SmartThings and the Community! You don’t need all SmartThings branded devices, but I’m sure they’d be very happy if you did.

You can get the Leviton’s via Amazon at a good prices, but I went with the GE’s everywhere (switches, dimmers, and fan controllers) - all purchased from Lowe’s. I’m very pleased with them. The new ones that are zwave plus should be ones to keep an eye out for.

Almost all my sensors are the 2nd gen Iris devices - doors, windows, and most leak sensors, with the rest being SmartThings. I have just a few Ecolinks and Philio’s, but I have a replacement plan for those. I’m in process of replacing all of my First Alert zcombo’s with Halos as well.

I also have a ton of the Iris smartplugs acting primarily as repeaters, but some are on A/V equipment.

Sirens are from Dome, with just one from Zooz, cameras from Blink, and a few MIMOLites used for garage door and a motorized water valve.

Don’t forget an Aeon home energy meter! And Amazon Echos and dots, or Google Home.

Also hasn’t GE came out with a dimmer/motion sensor combo unit now? I wish I had those instead of sticking motion sensors in the corners of my rooms.

Yes they did , no there isn’t a DTH for them yet.[quote=“chrish2o, post:1, topic:80551”]
My question is where can I purchase switches for the lowes cost as I am expecting to need 30-40 of them

As others have said any of the Gen 2 Iris will work with ST, including the GE Iris switches and dimmers. Watch the Lowe’s Deals thread, members of the forum are good at finding the sales on HA devices.

Iris gen 2 for contact and motion sensors. Or Zooz/monoprice 4in1 for motion/light/temp/humidity. For switches i’d go with GE. The leviton seem to be more complicated with their 3-way setup having 2 radios that need to be synced, where the GE have a hard wire that syncs them and only one radio.

You won’t regret going with SmartThings. I was a long time user of Iris as well until V2, and ultimately abandoned it and never looked back. As others have said, I also use all GE switches purchased from Lowes, and all of my contact and motion sensors are Iris V2. My smart plugs are all Iris V2. I have a couple of SmartThings multipurpose sensors too.

Welcome to SmartThings from another former Iris user. You have made a very good choice. SmartThings is not perfect by any stretch. I started with gen 1 in 2013, went through the gen 2 beta, and built what may have been the largest V2 system when I abandoned it. Even ran the IrisUsers blog about the system. I just couldn’t take the instability, daily device disconnects, limited rules, and poor support.

If you need help with the conversion this is the place to go. There are lots of really smart and helpful contributors here.


You have a very wide choice of devices with SmartThings, much wider than with most other systems.

The following thread should be of interest:

One device I would personally recommend is the NYCE door hinge sensors. they are zigbee and work on a contact switch rather than a magnet. They are currently on sale at Lowes for $29 a piece, which is a GREAT price from what they normally cost, I just picked up three of them this weekend for all my exterior doors. Now the sensor is integrated into the hinge and I don’t have to see it :slight_smile:


Is price much of an issue? Are you worried about saving $15 dollars here and there?

Many of us here tend to get excited about bargains, picking up cheap sensors and things from Lowes and other sales. But you can end up with a lot of junk this way.

I’m not all that happy with any of my zwave or zigbee sensors. So I keep trying new kinds. . . .

This Iris contact seem good, but a little big. The Zooz motion are too slow. The battery life on most everything is awful.

I’m slowly replacing all my motion sensors with Wireless Sensor Tags Kumo PIR sensors. Nothing else comes close. Though you have to use the community created smart app. . . . And I’ll probably swap out most of the contacts as well. I’m using the basic WST temp sensor as a door close/open sensor in all my interior rooms. The batteries last for years and you get extra reporting for free (as long as WST is around. . . )

I might try some of those tape on strips. I dunno.

I’m going to experiment with Lutron caseta switches this weekend. I’m not a fan of the cheap GE switches. They feel flimsy and the operation is annoying. I hate overloaded buttons (tap for on, hold for dim . . nah). The Leviton feel a little better. . . .

I’m going to end up with a bunch of hubs: WST, Lutron, and ST. I don’t care. I just want the best quality (within reason) at this point. I scrapped Arlo for HIKVision + SS nvr + custom integration. Complexity creep is worrying me a bit. . . .

If you aren’t worried about spending an extra grand or so on the entire house, I wouldn’t bargain hunt. I’d focus on quality. Though that’s a little hard to determine at this point.


Im moving from IRIS - everything fails all the time. They always say it needs to be within 10 feet. Is this the same with SmartThings? I have a 3,000 SF building I want to put this in. Some things like cameras etc. are almost 100 feet. Funny thing is the cameras never fail, but lights and locks 30 feet away fail all the time.