Adding Advanced web page to ST app

Thought i would add a little extra usefullness to the ST front page using Bixby which, is not my go too assistant by any means but its routines/shortcuts do help from time to time
Added a couple of extras which suit me, a better Weather page and a shortcut to the Advanced web page using ST Scenes and notifications which trigger a Bixby routine

The Weather app uses the same source as the crap St default web page which is full of adverts for shoes and hurricanes, i created a shorcut to the Samsung weather app which is not advanced or accurate but it is better looking than the web page and i created a shortcut to the Advanced web page, the location of which always avaids me when i need it
Bixby has its uses and by tapping either Scene shorcut i get to where i want a whole lot easier and better looking


I liked your idea, but I have a Google Pixel phone, so there I have no access to Bixby.

So, I set it up using Tasker, Sharptools, and Pushbullet. It works pretty slick. I wish there was a way to add my user name and password to Tasker. That would make it even better.

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Yeah agreed on the logging in part to the advanced web UI it is a bit ugly, why St dont include user configurable shortcut options is a mystery tbh but then when has the UI EVER made sense :thinking:

Another downside to using Scenes as notifications on the Galaxy devices is sound, as far as i can tell… and i have searched and tested a lot, you cannot silence a specific notification, its all or nothing, so each time i look at the weather or open the advanced web ui from the Scene shortcut the damn phone makes a noise, really annoying so i have now shut off notification sounds which is also annoying as i now miss notifications i actually want…

A couple of extra shorcuts

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