Where are "Special Weather Statement" notifications coming from? (and how to turn them off?)

Every so often (sometimes more than I’d like!), I get a notification which reads:

SmartThings - now
Special Weather Statement until FRI
11:00 PM EST

If I tap on that notification, the ST app launches and I’m taken to my Home page. If I tap the menu (lower right) >> Notifications >> 3-dot menu >> Notification settings, I see notifications enabled for all 100-ish physical devices (and three items up top: Suggestion notificatio…, ST Cooking, and ST Home M…), which is fine, but I don’t know which of any of those are creating those Special Weather Statement ones.

Unfortunately, I have no control over the weather, so testing this seems (almost) not possible. Also, tapping on the item in the historical list of Notifications doesn’t open the details, so it’s not really useful if I wanted it!

Looking at Home, Life, and Autmoation, nothing stands out as being weather-related, so no luck there.

Any suggestions on which device/whatever is creating these (or if not here, where I can disable this)? Thank you!

(FWIW, I searched the forum for “Special Weather Statement” and only found three threads, none of which seemed to address my question, but if there’s a thread which answers this or it would have done better elsewhere, please let me know!)

Do you have the “Severe Weather Alert” SmartApp installed? In the IDE, go to My Locations, then click on the Installed SmartApps link.


THANK YOU! It was showing as “Andy” in the list, but when I hovered over the Update link, it says, “Andy (Severe Weather Alert)”, as you predicted! I paused it just in case the SmartApp is used for anything else (I thought it was using my phone for geolocation or something), but this sure sounds like you solved my problem! Thank you again @philh30!


It’s just for those severe weather alerts. If you don’t want them, feel free to delete the smartapp.

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Severe Weather is also located in the Automations section of the ST app with the ability to disable it or remove it


Thank you both. Had a little trouble trying to remove it from the IDE, but I was able to delete it from within Automations >> Smart Apps!