Use Calendar notifications for Bixby Routine as ST trigger

Very first post, sorry if I’m doing this wrong. A better title for this would be “use a calendar push notification to trigger a Bixby Routine to control ST devices and/or trigger a scene”.

I was so excited to learn that I could use a Google Calendar notification to trigger a Bixby Routine for ST automation.

It’s done in the Bixby Routine app, just select “notification received” then select the calendar app of your choice. I used Google Calendar but almost all of the apps on my phone are in this list so I’m sure any calendar app with notifications should work. Select “Notification with specific keyword”. Type the keyword and click the +. You can add more keywords for this trigger if you want. Then press Done. You can add more triggers if you like. Press “add what this routine will do” and press Smartthings. If it’s the first time you’re doing this you’ll have to give Bixby Routine access to Smartthings, just follow the prompts. Then you can select individual devices or rub a scene. Press Next, name and recolor the icon as you’d like.

Make sure to add a calendar event with the Keyword as the title. Also make sure the calendar app can do push notifications. And you’re all set.

It’s not perfect but it works for me. I like this because it doesn’t require IFTTT. I’m actually surprised how much Bixby Routine can do. It even can be triggered by NFC but that’s a whole different topic.