Added new Wemo dimmer but cannot find it

Excuse me if this topic was discussed before. I had couple Wemo switches and one dimmer before adding SmartThings to my home and with custom apps they worked.
Now I added new dimmer and I just cannot find it. It works fine with Wemo app (as fine as that app can be) but new and classic Smartthings app cannot find it. Do I need to reinstall on market place each time I add a dimmer? Any suggestions?

Not sure if this will help but see my experience (more related to wifi networking and router than the automation platform)

No, but I wonder if you just need to open the smartapp to get it to recognize you’ve added a new Wemo device?

I did, i opened SmartThings app, both classic and new one, and did search.

In Classic, under SmartApps, Wemo WiFi Smart Dimmer, search quickly found old one, but not the new one. In new app, nothing new was found.

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