Added New Switch, Wrecked Existing

I’ve been using ST with for approximately a month with no issues. I have 17 GE z-wave switches (on/off and dimmers), 2 plugs, and one Fabiro button.

I ordered a switch (GE, same as my others) on eBay. It was used, I excluded it so my network would recognize it, then included it. Now, approximately half of my switches are not responding to my app when a routine is run or if I try to turn it on/off using the app. It takes about 4 or 5 times to get them to work now…?

I excluded the “new” switch and then unhooked it. I’m still having issues…! I am at a total loss. All I know is current state my setup is close to useless unless I use the physical switch. It’s like my signal isn’t as strong, but, I haven’t moved or changed anything with the exception of excluding/including the “new” switch.

Is this an issue anyone has experienced?

Did you run a repair and watched the hub event logs for any repair errors?

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No, I don’t know how to do that… I’ll try to look up that procedure.

You could try another repair. It is very strange that you have 4 devices unavailable and repair didn’t throw any errors. I would contact support, next.

Once I physically cycled the switches they cam back, but, I still have issues with slow/no response.

Support is your best route. They have additional tools available to help you identify the problem.

Thank you


Bill Wolfe


I contacted support. They are/were baffled as well. The one thing they did see is that I was on an Asian server instead of a US server. The remedy for that was to start all over from scratch with my system/network. After being switched to the US server and setting up my network again everything is working.

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