Replaced Switch online but not working

I replaced a switch 2 days ago. Failed to get ST to find it at the time. It was showing as OFFLINE.
Later I see it’s reported as ONLINE again as if it’s “repaired” by itself.
However it doesn’t respond to anything and no activity is reported for the last 2 days.

What do I do to recover this? Z-wave repair didn’t work.

Hi Sineira,

If it was me I would exclude the switch and make sure that it is removed from the hub and then relink it. This should help.

Also doesn’t work to exclude.
And the app doesn’t have any exclude functionality so I have to run back&forth …

I tried deleting the switch. It says it’s deleted but it’s still there.
This new app is garbage.
Deleted the device in the IDE, worked.

What type of switch is it? So now that it is deleted go ahead and do the exclude. I know this sounds funny but just try it. After you do the exclude a few times add it back again and see what you have.

It’s a GE ZW4005A rev5.0

which hub do you have? the v1 hub does not have the z-wave utilities in the new app. You can use the z-wave utilities in IDE > hubs > view utilities to exclude z-wave devices.

Tried to exclude. Hit the switch on and off over and over. Add it back and let me know what happened. I have many of these switches. How far are you from the hub?

I have the v2 hub. I managed to exclude it and then add it back in again. It works now.
However “not with the highest security” since I couldn’t scan the QR code I assume (on a device already installed in the wall socket)…

Sounds like you are good to go.

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