Create GitHub repo

Can anyone help me with creating a GitHub repo and adding my own SmartApps/Device Handlers to it? I found plenty of information on how to connect to the SmartThings Public Repo or to add other people’s repos to update from, but I can’t find any information on creating my own repo.

I did try creating the repo on GitHub then linking it to my IDE through settings, then just choosing commit and selecting my app/DH, but that gives a “nothing to commit” error. I assume I have to create the folders/files outside of the IDE first, but I’m not sure and would appreciate any help or links on this.


I was able to do this by creating the structure/files manually in GitHub, but I would be interested in knowing whether there is an easier way.

The instructions are in the developer docs. Read carefully: that section includes a link to GitHub Boot Camp for those who are completely new to GitHub.

Not sure if that works for UK accounts or not, though.

Thanks, I had briefly skimmed this but it looked like it was only showing me how to set up the SmartThings public repo, not how to create my own. Maybe I just didn’t read it close enough. I got the structure from it though, and what is he able to create my own. I put the git Boot Camp on my reading list.

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