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I have been looking across the community on how to add to “favorites” on the “New” ST app, or is this another thing that they are still working on??

At this point, there is no favorites like there was in the Classic app. But the main screen can be configured to hide/unhide rooms and devices and sort rooms as you want. To do this, click on More (three dots in the upper right of the screen) and choose Edit.

To view all devices and rooms, you can click on the menu (three bars in the upper left of the screen) and selects Devices or Rooms.

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Like jkp said, the edit menu is the quickest way to sort rooms and mark devices as favorites so they show on the main page. You can also long press on a device to choose hide or set as favorite.

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That too! :slight_smile: and also long press on scenes to rearrange them

This is all very sub optimal, is there something in the roadmap for the new app? I have been trying to get a proper dashboard in place but it just not as clean and easy to read as the old app…

I just deleted the new app and went back to classic. 99% of my app usage is in the Favorites on the home page of the old app. Those who said long press and add to favorites, I don’t know what app you are using. There is no favorites option there.

By default all devices are “favorites” and shown on the home screen. If you don’t want a device there, long press the device and tap on “Hide”. The device will be removed from the home screen, but still show up when you dive into the room view (where it can be re-added to the home screen by a long press and tapping “add to favorites”).

I have to echo my frustration with the lack of a “Favorites” for the new ST app. Hiding certain devices is fine, but then it is still clunky with lots of wasted space because it is still sorted by room.

Please give us a “Favorites” dashboard which we can customize.

Also, why was it so difficult to move all my devices into rooms? I should be able to go to the room and select devices that are not currently in rooms, but you can only mass select devices that are in existing rooms.

Poor UI execution.