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Appreciate there is a thread or 2 already existing on the new app but these questions do need answering or at the very least, consideration and do not deserve to be lost in a huge long thread, I am also going to word the questions so that NDAs hopefully remain honoured, though that is down to how tight they are

Will there be improvements and changes going forward ? The favorites page is titled incorrectly, it should be HOME, home should have rooms as sub headings, each sub heading can then include user configurable devices/items, similar to the last app, if nothing else the last app was more logical when first opened
IF favorites must stay, will ST consider adding a drop down when favorites is tapped, the drop down COULD include other sorting options, device type, device status, by room, Battery conditions, Device added date, etc
Having just a long list with NO separators is tedious, most of us have a few favorites or most accessed items per room

Would it be possible for ST to discuss or give indications that this version is now set in stone or if there will be improvements ahead


I miss certain things about the new old app so I’m hoping they take recommendations from all of us & keep tweaking the app moving forward.

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I’m a little confused because whilst Favorites is the default tab to open. There is also a devices tab which is setup by your existing rooms.
See screenshot

The devices are not shown under the title of each room as in the previous app, but each favorite device has the label of the room to which it belongs.

This seems similar to the home screen of the previous app, but with the title of the room on each device.

It also seems less clear to me that separating the devices by rooms

Thats because your on the favorites tab not the device tab.
The favorites tab is for you to save your most frequently used items irrespective of the room/location they are.

I have 18 rooms, also incorrectly named but due to the ST layout we have to group items per room

If I have 2 or 3 items per room and some rooms with more items which need to be monitored easily and quickly, x 18 that’s minimum 54 squares with small text and obscure on off indicators to scroll up and down through, not something I relish

There are others with way more rooms than me who will struggle terribly to find items

If you have 3,4 or even 5 items you need access to as a favorite then it’s fine I’m sure

The previous version was far from good but at least we had the ability to quickly find items per room from the landing page/Home page/ now favorites

Even a decent obvious horizontal separator with a room heading would help

Yes it is.
He only commented to Mike Fido, that there was a lot of similarity between the favorites screen and the old home screen, that he liked.
In fact, when you install the new application, in favorites it shows an exact copy of your home page of the old app, without dividing by rooms and adding the name of the room in the tile of each device and at the top add the state tiles.

If you look in settings "Synchronization of Favorites, a favoritos backup is made with the date and time of the installation of the app.
Later, if you have synchronization activated, it makes a copy every time you make a change and save.
Is good for see the same favoritos in all devices.

I agree, can have or choose separator per room seems clearer than repeating the name of the room in each device tile, especially when you have many devices and rooms.

Plus having the name of the room in each tile will slow down voice navigation that much more, since we will have to listen to it read each time. :disappointed_relieved:

But I won’t know much for sure until the iOS version is released.