Add Text Messages to Security Push Notices?

I get a push notice for a door or window opening when security is set to Away. Is there a way to add a text message along with the push or to replace the push notification.

Second part. If that is not an option I have been able to set an individual device to notify me by text if in away mode. I was hoping I didn’t have to do this for each device. I tried this rule for multiple devices but it is either all conditions met or any condition met. I can’t figure out how to made this work since security mode is one of the conditions.

Yes, it can be done (assuming text is supported in your region).

You need to make the security mode a precondition.

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Thank you. I was going to ask how to get a precondition but saw it when trying your suggestion. This will make getting texts much easier. I was going to add one for every sensor and knew there had to be a better way.

Not sure on the first part of your reply. I don’t have a routine set up for when I am away. I set up everything under Home Monitor and then get push notices for any activity when armed. I assumed that the push notices were built into the software and thought it would be easy to add text messages as well. Since I am going to do the routine for all of the devices it probably doesn’t matter anymore but I am curious.

You can add text messages to the response options in STHM in lieu of a Routine to do it. Open STHM, click the gear menu at top right, click on Security, click “Set response”.